Mixed Sulfate Salts

A Great Opportunity

Item Quantities Produced MTPY
Fe2(SO4)3 Ferric Sulfate* 74,100
Al2(SO4)3 Aluminum Sulfate 45,300
MgSO4 Magnesium Sulfate 60,600
CaSO4 Calcium Sulfate 1,600
K2SO4 Potassium Sulfate 600
Na2SO4 Sodium Sulfate 7,100
MnSO4 Manganese Sulfate 3,300
Total Sulfate Salts (Design Basis) 192,600
Contained water of crystallization 449,400
Total ME Sulfate Salts (Hydrated) 642,000

• The mixed sulfate salt is a valuable byproduct that could be processed to final products. The mixture contains:


  • Ferric Sulfate: which is used in water treatment as flocculate.
  • Ferrous Sulfate Hepta-hydrate: which is used as a fertilizer, supplying secondary nutrients to the plants.
  • Aluminium Sulfate: which is a well-known flocculate and disinfectant.
  • Magnesium Sulfate: which is an important secondary nutrient fertilizer.
  • Manganese sulfate: which is an important secondary nutrient fertilizer.



The resin used in the CIX process for the purification of El Wady Phosphoric Acid has to be regenerated by washing with Sulfuric Acid to get rid of the metallic impurities that are adhered to it. This results in a valuable effluent byproduct stream loaded with mixed metallic elements in the form of soluble sulfate salts.


Minor Elements Sulfate Stream Composition

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